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Do I need an Oil Change

How do I check to see if my car’s oil needs to be changed?

Your engine’s oil needs to be regularly changed because the lubricating properties of oil don’t last forever. With time, oil becomes dirty and the chemical properties change, which makes it far less efficient at doing its job. Keep you, your wallet and your car happy by making sure you’re vehicle’s oil is properly maintained so it can work at its best for a long time to come.

So how do you go about making sure you’re vehicle is getting the right type of attention? The first thing to do is rely on your owner’s manual for instructions on how often, where and how to check the oil level in your car. Most cars these days have an indicator light that will tell you if there’s a problem with your oil level, but this isn't a foolproof method—if the light comes on and you don't get it checked out right away, you could end up damaging some crucial components. So keep in mind that your car may let you know something is wrong with the oil before it's too late, but it's still important to double check yourself once every couple of weeks or so (it's not difficult—a quick trip under the hood can clear up any questions).

 To find out if your car needs an oil change, check your owner's manual or ask your service representative at Auto Scout. 

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